Tensorflow Production and Development Kit

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Overview of TensorFlow Developement Kit

Note: Basic understanding of AI and ML concepts is prerequisite for using this VM. You can use MUJEFA to learn AI-ML basics.

This VM provides out of box environment for learning, developing & deploying AI & Machine Learning applications using TensorFlow framework. Key highlights include:

  • 1. Preinstalled setups for TensorFlow and other dependent frameworks.
  • 2. Demos:
  • Demos and video tutorials based on the work of Magnus Erik Hvass Pedersen
  • 3. Jupyter for interactive development
  • 4. Jupyterhub:
  • This provides a multi user Jupyter environment.
  • Create one Linux account for each of user & there will be separate Jupyter environment created for that account. More details here
  • 5. Other goodies:
    • Remote desktop
    • Fish
    • Visual studio code

You can follow below video tutorials to learn more about TensorFlow.