Rocket Chat by A Self hosted Slack alternative.

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Overview of Rocket Chat

Rocket chat is an open-source fully customization communications platform, an alternative to proprietory alternative such as Slack, Zendesk for organizations with high standards of data protection.

Rocket Chat by comes with out of box setup of rocket chat environment up and running in minutes accessible via https.

Key highlights include:
  • Self hosting which provides you full control of the server and the data
  • Own your conversations
  • Collaborate with colleagues, other companies, customers and communities across devices on the web, desktop, or mobile
  • Integrate with multiple conversation channels like website live-chat, email, Facebook page, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc
  • Multiple channels at one place results in a single view of the ideas and saves time needed to switch between the tools
  • Extend and customize the workspace with custom apps, open APIs, powerful plugins and webhooks