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Running Flask Demos

The VM comes with working Flask demos from the exercises of the course “Python and Flask Bootcamp: Create Websites using Flask” by Jose Portilla on Udemy

All the demos are available under -



Follow below steps to run demos:

  • First, go to the demo directory, for example
  cd /home/coder/django-flask-suit/flask-example-projects/Flask-Bootcamp-master/02-Flask-Basics


  • Then switch to the super user. This is required to run Flask server on port 80
  sudo su


  • Then set the FLASK_APP environment variable to the app file
  export FLASK_APP=06-Routing-Exercise-Solution.py


  • Then start the flask server by running below command
  flask run -h -p 80


  • After running the command, open http://publicip and you should see the demo page displayed



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