Running Django Demos

The VM comes with working Django demos from exercises of the course “Python and Django Full Stack Web Developer Bootcamp” by Jose Portilla on Udemy

All the demos are available under-



Follow below steps to run the demos:

  • First , go to the demo directory , for example
  • cd /home/coder/django-flask-suit/django-example-project/Section24_Social_Media_CloneProject/simplesocial/


  • Then run below command to start Django server
  • sudo python runserver 0:80


  • After running the command, open http://publicip and you should see the demo page displayed
  • /img/common/python-django-flask-common-images/django-demo-page.png

  • Some demos require creating super/admin user . To create admin user , run below command from the demo’s home directory and follow the instructions.
  • sudo python createsuperuser


  • You can access the admin interface from http://publicip/admin/.Run the server again to access the admin interface.

  • /img/common/python-django-flask-common-images/django-admin-page.png

  • Provide the super/admin user name and password created in above step.

  • /img/common/python-django-flask-common-images/django-admin-home-page.png