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Python AI & ML Kit (MUJEFA)

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Overview of Python AI & ML Kit (MUJEFA)

If you are AI/ML practitioner or someone who is starting their AI/ML journey but don’t want to spend hours setting up the right environment, this VM is for you.

The Python Machine Learning Kit on the Cloud Marketplace provides a complete ecosystem for Artificial Intelligence & machine learning by giving you out of box installation & setup of popular AI/ML libraries such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, scikit-learn and many more.

In addition, the VM has pre-configured NVIDIA GPU drivers & CUDA libraries so you can harness the power of GPU resources to train deep neural networks, process large datasets, and conduct advanced data analysis with ease.

Harnessing the capabilities of NVIDIA GPU acceleration and CUDA platform, the Python Machine Learning Kit empowers you to train complex machine learning models faster, optimize algorithms more efficiently, and perform high-performance data analysis with unprecedented speed. By leveraging the parallel processing capabilities of GPUs, you can tackle even the most computationally demanding tasks, enabling rapid experimentation, model iteration, and decision-making.

Additionally, this VM comes with pre-setup AI/ML codebase (and pre-installed required python libraries) from one of the most famous AI/ML books “Python Machine Learning, 3rd Ed“ By Sebastian Raschka & Vahid Mirjalili to jump start your AI/ML journey.

You can utilize Jupyter notebooks and the AI/ML codebase to write, test, and fine-tune your machine learning algorithms. The flexibility and versatility of this environment allow you to collaborate & iterate quickly, experiment with different models, and optimize your solutions efficiently.

So save hours of installation & setup time & start your AI/ML journey by provisioning this VM in just few clicks.

Below video provides an overview of AI/ML development, training & inference using Python & Jupyter kit and its features

“AI/ML development, training & inference using Python & Jupyter” is a virtual machine available on GCP, AWS & Azure cloud marketplace.

We recommend GCP cloud for deploying “AI/ML development, training & inference using Python & Jupyter” to get $300 free credit for one year.