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How to provision Money Saver VM on GCP (Google Cloud Platform)

This section describes how to launch and connect to Money Saver VM in a Google Compute environment to save upto 80% on VM cost.

  1. Open Money Saver VM listing on GCP Marketplace.


  1. Click Launch.
  • It will take you to the agreement page. On this page, you can change the project from the project selector on top navigator bar as shown in the below screenshot.

  • Accept the Terms and agreements by ticking the checkbox and clicking on the AGREE button. /img/common/gcp_agreement_page.png

  • It will show you the successfully agreed popup page. Click on Deploy. /img/common/gcp_agreement_accept_page.png

  • Select a zone where you want to launch the VM(such as us-east1-)

  • Optionally change the number of cores and amount of memory. For this vm, f1.micro instance size is enough.You can go with micro instance type here. (This defaults to 1 vCPUs and 0.6 GB ram.)

  • Optionally change the boot disk type and size. (This defaults to “Standard Persistent Disk” and 10 GB respectively)

  • Optionally change the network name and subnetwork names.Keep port 22 open to allow SSH connection to this VM

  • Click Deploy when you are done. Money Saver VM will begin deploying.


  1. A summary page displays when the compute engine is successfully deployed. Click on the Instance link to go to the instance page .

  2. Click on the VM, it will open a details page.For this VM to work we need Access Scope of Compute Engine as Read/Write enabled


  1. To Enable it, Stop the VM and click on Edit. Go to the Cloud API access scopes section and change the compute engine access scope to Read/Write. Save your changes


  1. Start your VM.Now this VM is fully configured and ready to use.

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