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Metabase Data Visualization & BI Platform

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Overview of Metabase

This VM solution comes with out of box installation of Metabase which is an open source Business Intelligence (BI) alternative to other propitiatory and closed source solutions like QlikSense, Tableau, Power BI to name a few.

Metabase is powerful analytic tool which lets anyone learn and make informed business decisions from data.

Metadata is targeted as a self service BI platform for business users without IT, Database or technical skill set. It addresses BI & Analytic requirements for all kind of stakeholders in an Organization from executives to senior & mid level management to day to day operational personals.

With this VM solution, you can have a BI, dashboarding and reporting platform for entire company without spending huge investment in proprietary and closed source alternatives.

The VM also includes follow additional features:

  • Remote GUI Desktop for the VM
  • Fish - Shell with command auto completion and history