My Dropbox Getting Started Guide

This VM give you Dropbox like functionality to sync your data across devices , collaborate with teams and extend it with the apps ecosystem to include video chat, calendar, address books and lot more.

  • Follow below steps to get started with this VM
  • Copy the IP address of VM and paste it in your browser address-bar.The browser will show SSL certificate error which you need to accept.
  • my-dropbox-http-login.png

  • Create your My-Dropbox account here by giving username and password.
  • click on Finish Setup
  • my-dropbox-files.png

  • Install Desktop Client on your local system(desktop/laptop/mobile)
  • For desktop and laptop, Go to Desktop Client , install the client as per your system's configuration
  • After installing the Client, configure it using the IP address,username and password created in the 2nd step.
  • my-dropbox-desktop-client.png

  • For mobile,Install nextcloud mobile app from playstore/appstore
  • my-dropbox-nextcloud-mobile-install.png

  • Open the nextcloud mobile app and enter the username and password set in the above step to login.Below sreen will show up.
  • my-dropbox-nextcloud-mobile-app.png

  • now you can sync any file from your mobile to server you own.
  • my-dropbox-mobileapp-testing-folder.png

Now you have ownership and full control of your data by having your own File Synching server using My-Dropbox VM.You can sync your data from client to cloud and vice versa in your own server.