How to get Javascript Developer Kit on AWS

This section describes how to launch and connect to Javascript Developer Kit in Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Getting started guide:
1. Login to instance using SSH via key based authentication. Use "ubuntu" as userid
(refer for details on how to connect using putty/ssh )
2. Once connected using ssh/putty, run below command to set the password for "ubuntu" user on the terminal

sudo passwd ubuntu

3. Once the password is set for ubuntu user, from your local windows machine, goto start menu.
4. On the start menu, search & select "remote desktop connection" .
5. In the "remote desktop connection" wizard, provide public IP of your instance & click connect.
6. In the displayed window, provide "ubuntu" as userid & password set in step 2 above.
7. Now you are connected to the desktop environment of the VM where you can access out of box environment for Javascript Developer Kit .
  1. For connecting via Web Interface, SSH to the VM and run below command-

    cat vscode_pass.txt.

    Note down auto-generated password.

    Note: If the password is empty in the file, wait for 2 minutes and check again.

  2. /img/aws/javascript-developer-kit/vscode_pass.png

  3. To access Visual Studio Code go to https://VM_Public_IP. Make sure you type https and not http.
  4. You will see certificate warning, accept the warning to proceed for login
  5. /img/aws/vscode/certificate-warning.png

  6. Use above auto-generated password from Step 8
    Note: If you happen to see a blank screen in the browser after login or page load error, wait for 1-2 minutes and open again in new browser window to see VSCode load.
  7. /img/aws/vscode/vscode-web-login.png