How to get Suse GUI Linux on AWS

This section describes how to launch and connect to SUSE GUI Linux in Amazon Web Services (AWS).

1. Login to the instance using SSH via key based authentication. Use "ec2-user" as userid (refer steps for connecting using putty/ssh )


2. Once connected using ssh/putty, run below command to update the password of ec2-user.

sudo passwd ec2-user


3. Same way update the root user passwd.

sudo passwd root


4.Now passwd is set for ec2-user and root user, you can connect to the VM's desktop environment from any local Windows Machine using RDP protocol.
5. In the "remote desktop connection" wizard, provide public IP of your instance & click connect.


6. In the displayed window, provide username as "ec2-user" and password set in step 2 above.


7. If asked for administrator authenticattion, please provide the password of root user set in above step.


8. Now you are connected to out of box SUSE GUI Linux desktop environment.