How to get BlackArch Linux on AWS

This section describes how to launch and connect to BlackArch Linux in Amazon Web Services (AWS).

    1. For SSH connection, Login to instance using SSH via key based authentication. Use "ubuntu" as userid (refer Putty Guide for details on how to connect using putty/ssh)
    2. To connect to BlackArch Linux command line, run below command-

    sudo docker exec -it blackarch /bin/bash

    If above command returns "Error response from daemon:" error, then run below command to start the BlackArch container and then run above command again.

    sudo docker start blackarch

    3. Then From your local windows machine, goto "start" menu , in the search box type and select "VNC".
    Note:: If you don't have VNC installed on your Windows machine, first Install VNC Viewer as per your device.
    In the "VNC Viewer" wizard, copy the Public IP and click connect. Accept the encryption warning.
    4. Now you are connected to out of box BlackArch Linux environment via Windows machine.
    5. After your first login, Open terminal and run below command to change the root user password.
    x11vnc -storepasswd


  1. Once passwd for root user is set, re-login with root user and new password. -
  2. /img/gcp/blackarch-linux/vnc-password-prompt.png

  3. Now your are connected to out of box BlackArch Linux environment which comes with preinstalled blackarch programs.
  4. /img/gcp/blackarch-linux/blackarch-apps.png