Money Saver VM

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Save upto 80% on VM cost by running this VM.

GCP pricing on Preemptible VMs is about 80% less than regular VMs. Use Preemptible VMs for your computing needs and this VM will autostart your Preemptible VMs if they are shutdown by GCP,drastically reducing your VM cost .

  • How this VM works:
    1. 1. You deploy the VM in your project
    2. 2. You create Preemptible VMs
    3. 3. Whenever your Preemptible VM is stopped by GCP, this VM will autostart your Preemptible VM .
  • Features:
    1. 1. Restart Preemptible VMs within a single project or across multiple projects
    2. 2. Restart all Preemptible VMs within a project or skip restart for specific VMs
  • Where to use this VM:
    1. 1. With this VM, you can use Preemptible VMs for all your non production environment
    2. 2. The VM can also be used for Production environment which can tolerate few minutes downtime .